1. The main gate must be kept locked at all times. The only exception being if members are transporting things in and out.
  2. Anybody entering the site does so entirely at their own risk. Any accident or injury that they might sustain is not the responsibility of the Committee or of any Association member.
  3. All members are expected to behave responsibly at all times and promote a convivial atmosphere on the Tredegar site.
  4. When taking over a plot, a member is expected to cultivate a minimum of 25% of the land within the first year and 100% every year after that.
  5. Any type of reasonable cultivation of the plot will be considered by the Committee. However, the guiding principle will be that the plot has a neat and tidy appearance and is used mainly for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables for the plot holder and his/her family.
  6. No member may own more than two plots and a second plot will only be granted once a member has shown that they are able to adequately maintain an existing plot.
  7. If a member has not cultivated their plot by the time of the AGM in mid-April, they will be deemed to have surrendered membership of the Association and their plot will be reassigned.
  8. Water will be switched off at the end of September and switched back on in April. Only designated members are permitted to do this.
  9. Members may use hosepipes to fill water butts, but not to water plots directly. Sprinklers are not allowed.
  10. Bonfires should be kept to an absolute minimum and smoke should at no time be allowed to bother local residents. Between May 1st and September 31st, bonfires are permitted only after 5pm.
  11. Dogs are permitted on the site, but must remain on a lead or restrained within a compound. Dogs making a persisted nuisance of themselves may well be banned.
  12. Greenhouses are permitted, but should not be constructed using conventional glass. Polytunnels are not permitted by the Council.
  13. A small shed may be constructed on each plot, whose primary aim is the collection of rain water.
  14. Members must respect both shared amenities and only go on plots worked by other members if invited to do so.
  15. Anybody not respecting these rules will be given a written warning by the Committee.  Should aberrant behaviour continue, membership of the Association will be revoked.


The role of Tredegar Allotment Holders’ Association is primarily to manage the Tredegar allotment site, which is accessed via King Edward Avenue or Marcet Road in West Dartford.

Membership of the Association, which is limited to those holding a signed tenancy agreement, will be through the payment of an annual subscription, payable at the annual general meeting. The amount of the subscription shall be adjusted annually to represent the Association’s running costs and be agreed by the members.

The AGM will be held each April. All members are expected to attend. Those unable to do so can either nominate somebody else to represent them; otherwise they should send an apology for absence to the Committee.

An AGM can only take place if a quorum exists. This is defined as 10% of the total members.

At the AGM, a Committee consisting of three equal members shall be nominated by the membership. The make up of the Committee should, where possible, reflect its membership in terms of age, gender and ethnicity.

Each person wishing to stand for the Committee must be proposed by two members. Appointment for what will be a 12-month term will then be via popular vote. At each AGM, the existing Committee will step down and seek re-election where appropriate. However, membership of the Committee is limited to three consecutive years, with no right of return within two years thereafter. The aim, where possible, is to ensure that at least one new member replaces an incumbent Committee member each year.

The role of the Committee is to implement policy adopted by the membership and to interface with appropriate officials at Dartford Borough Council and with other service providers.

Annual accounts will also be presented to the membership at each AGM, where any other business pertaining to the Tredegar site will be discussed in open session.

In addition to the AGM, extraordinary general meetings of the Association can be held at the discretion of the Committee. Alternatively, should 8 or more members of the Association wish to request an EGM, the Committee will do its best to expedite this as soon as possible.

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